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"Share the Road" Bicycle and Motorist Campaign

Columbus, OH

With the highest concentration of bicycle crashes in the City of Columbus, OH, the highly traveled High Street Corridor beginning just north of downtown and extending north several miles was selected for development of engineering, education, and enforcement programs targeted to both motorists and bicyclists. A radio ad campaign, newsletters, and community involvement were used to identify issues within the corridor and implement education and safety programs. As part of the “Share the Road” campaign, signs and sharrow markings were designed by EMH&T in an efficient “work order” format for installation by City forces. Public education was coordinated with an active stakeholder group and the entire program was rolled out in a kick-off event for Bike-to-Work-Week.

EMH&T traffic engineers performed this project as part of a larger, general engineering contract for the City of Columbus. EMH&T provided engineering, education, encouragement, communication, and system planning services supporting an aggressive master plan of bikeway improvements throughout the City. From inventory of existing facilities, to developing design standards and construction plans; EMH&T worked with City staff, FHWA, and a variety of advocacy groups to implement the City’s Bicentennial Bikeways Plan.

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