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Interstate 71 / State Route 129 Transportation Modeling and Interchange Modification Study

Liberty Township, OH

EMH&T is studying the SR129 at I-75 and Liberty Way at I-75 interchanges to identify feasible, cost-effective modifications to mitigate growing traffic congestion in the area. Liberty Township is growing rapidly and our approach to this study started with engaging local governments, regional planning agencies and business leaders to agree upon and project growth assumptions for the area. Population growth of 30% and increases of 3.5 million square feet of offices and 2.8 million square feet of retail services is being projected and we are accounting for that in the regional travel demand model. We are assessing the feasibility of alternatives; developing design hour volumes from model output; and working with the stakeholder group to identify a preferred alternate. We are also preparing concept roadway geometrics as part of the IMS and cost projections, which we continually update and monitor for compliance with client objectives.

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