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Interstate 71 South of State Route 315 Maintenance of Traffic

Columbus, OH

This project resulted in an incredibly challenging maintenance of traffic plan, due to the nature of this highway improvement. The $53 million project was the replacement of a portion of I-71 including lane additions, structural improvement to five mainline bridges and 3 culverts. The maintenance of traffic plan ensured I-71 mainline through traffic and planned for the detours for temporary ramp closures. Complexity of the plans was heightened by the various designs for the highway including widening from the inside, widening from the outside, and entire different alignments. Also impacting the plan was the necessary coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers due to the proximity of a $100 million floodwall. The final maintenance of traffic plan encompassed three phases and 330 plan sheets. (Official ODOT name: FRA-71-9.78)

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