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Hamilton Road at Interstate 270 Signal System Design

Gahanna, OH

EMH&T studied existing signals and recommended local and system timing for a one-mile stretch that included 14 intersections on two intersecting arterials. Traffic flow in the corridor was complicated by the presence of a busy interchange at I-270/Hamilton Road, heavily directional commuter peaks, Gahanna-Lincoln High School which generates significant pedestrian, car and bus traffic during morning, mid-day, and afternoon peaks, and varying speed limits, including a school zone. EMH&T's data collection efforts included inventory of existing equipment and programming as well as thorough traffic counts at each signalized intersection. We used the data to develop coordinated timing plans and locate system sampling detectors. A communication link to Gahanna City Hall was established and a central monitoring work station was specified so that City engineers can monitor and adjust signal operations from their office. EMH&T worked with the vendor to install timing plans on Econolite/Aries equipment. Over time, EMH&T worked with Gahanna on other projects to add to the system, including video detection and surveillance, and a fiber optic link to City Hall enabling real-time video monitoring of traffic flows in the system using pan-tilt-zoom cameras.  

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