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Britton Parkway at All Seasons Drive Roundabout Lighting

Hilliard, OH

This project design included retrofit of the existing three leg Britton Parkway / All Seasons Drive intersection to a four-leg modern roundabout. Lighting design for all roundabouts include special consideration for pedestrian use and vehicular movement. For pedestrians, our engineers designed the lighting system to ensure that crosswalks are well lit such that a pedestrian is never in the shadows in the context of the roundabout. For vehicular movement, EMH&T engineers design fully lit approaches and roundabouts for two reasons: first, the lighting alerts an approaching driver that there is a roundabout facility, rather than an assumed straight-through movement; and second, because of the nature of a roundabout where a vehicle is in a constant turn maneuver, the vehicles headlights are not directly pointing to the vehicle’s moving direction. Even when the corridor leading to a roundabout is unlit, EMH&T engineers recommend and design for fully-lit roundabout facilities.

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