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Tech Center South Improvements

Columbus, OH

In support of an industrial redevelopment called Tech Center South (Techneglas), EMH&T provided engineering services for a revitalized infrastructure with a focus on innovative design within the City of Columbus. The EMH&T team designed a permeable, interlocking, concrete paver system for over 1,300 linear feet of roadway improvements to South Ohio Avenue and Gilbert Street. The green solution significantly improved the transportation corridor and met the Ohio EPA’s post-construction water quality requirements while providing credits for future redevelopment of the area. As compared to a conventional asphalt street replacement, the concrete paver street was less in the initial costs due to the elimination of storm sewer and mechanical water quality devices that would have otherwise been required. Long-term maintenance and life cycle costs are less and expectation of the roadway life cycle is triple the span of conventional flexible asphalt pavement. Tech Center South is anticipated to enhance the value of the surrounding properties and blends in with the City’s goals for improving the overall appearance and functionality of roadways within the core of the community.

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