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SR-32 Intersection and Ramp Improvements

Belpre, OH

In support of ODOT’s Statewide Safety Design Program, EMH&T completed preliminary engineering and final design for several intersections along SR-32. These intersections were improved to mitigate high accident locations in Belpre, Ohio. EMH&T partnered with ODOT District 10 to modify the Memorial Toll Bridge intersection by replacing and upgrading the existing signal with new mast arms and LED signal heads with backplates.  In addition, EMH&T improved the existing exit lanes of the eastbound SR-32 off-ramp to include a high friction asphalt pavement to aid in decreasing rear-end accidents at the signal.

Within the project corridor, EMH&T also redesigned the intersection of SR-618 (Washington Blvd) and the Belpre/Parkersburg Bridge at the Ohio River. This intersection was modified to provide a more traditional T-intersection to aid in driver safety, including improved geometrics, signal modifications with mast arms, LED signal heads and backplates, and ADA compliant pedestrian facilities (Official ODOT name: WAS-32 – (9.73) (10.45), PID 97033).

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