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SR 129/I-75 Interchange Improvements

Butler County, OH

EMH&T was selected by the Butler County Engineer’s Office to provide a preliminary engineering study to analyze the most feasible, cost-effective design to mitigate the traffic concerns in Butler County, Ohio located at the State Route 129 and I-75 interchange. With the increasing traffic due to a mixed-use development, and the potential of further development within the area, it has become necessary to reanalyze the interchange configuration. Through this effort, EMH&T is partnering with the Butler County Engineer, Butler County TID, and ODOT District 8 to provide the community with a long-term solution focused on improved safety, reduced congestion, and cost containment. EMH&T is providing preliminary and final design, including an Alternative Evaluation Report (AER) to identify a preferred alternative for access improvements. The preliminary design will also include an Interchange Modification Study based on the preferred alternative. (Official ODOT name: BUT-129.I-75)

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