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I-75/Millcreek Expressway Improvements

Cincinnati, OH

In partnership with ODOT District 8, EMH&T performed final engineering services to design 3.5 miles of major interstate rehabilitation work on Interstate 75 (I-75) in Cincinnati, Ohio. This project includes the elimination of one interchange, improvements to two other interchanges, and widening of mainline I-75 from six lanes to a maximum of 10 lanes. Significant roadway profile improvements will be designed to current standards, along with 13 highway structures, including three railroad bridges that will be replaced. Other design features include ODOT ITS System improvements, noise walls, retaining walls, and many other infrastructure elements on the project. Unique design challenges included improving highway geometrics and maintaining multiple lanes of traffic with a complex maintenance of traffic scheme. Significant railroad coordination was required, including track realignment/improvements within the Berry Yard owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad. (Official ODOT name: HAM-75-7.85, PID 77889)

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