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I-70 Interchange Improvements

Belmont County, OH

In partnership with ODOT District 11, EMH&T completed an in-depth preliminary engineering study and final design for the I-70/US-40/SR-331 interchange in Belmont County, Ohio. The purpose of the project was to improve the operation, safety, accessibility, and connectivity of the transportation system in the area, as well as to progress its economic vitality. The need for the project was based on five core transportation concepts: geometric and design deficiencies, access management, safety, operational efficiency, and planned development.

The new interchange was designed to alleviate problems such as congestion at intersections, travel delays and accidents since multiple intersections in the project area were located too close together. Several of the existing intersections operated at failing levels of service and will now be upgraded for better safety and performance by utilizing a synchronized corridor. Improvements to correct poor sight distances were also made to several driveways located within the project limits. The scope of work included a complete structure replacement for the SR-331 bridge over I-70, superstructure replacement for the twin I-70 bridges over US-40, improved ramp and roadway geometrics, access modifications, traffic control, signals, highway lighting, waterline, and new pedestrian and bicycle facilities within the corridor. (Official ODOT name: BEL-70-14.45, PID 80599)

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