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Hayden Run Boulevard, Part 2 and Riggins Road, Part 3 Roadway Improvements

Columbus, OH

EMH&T led the preliminary and final design phases of this project including 2,400 feet of new five-lane roadway and a railroad crossing grade separation. EMH&T studied both railroad underpass and overpass options, and presented a decision matrix to the City for selection of a preferred alternative. After the City selected the railroad overpass option, EMH&T advanced final engineering, utility coordination, and right-of-way plan development with an approximate project cost was $10 million.

EMH&T was hired by the Franklin County Engineer’s Office for the preliminary and final design of this 1,900 linear feet extension of Hayden Run Boulevard east of Avery Road within the City of Columbus. The project, which is part of a four phase roadway extension, has significant regional benefits that include reducing traffic congestion on Hayden Run Road, while also unlocking future development opportunities. EMH&T collaborated with multiple stakeholders, including Franklin County, City of Columbus, and a local developer to provide a roadway design that benefited all of the project stakeholders. The scope of the roadway improvements include traffic signals, street lighting, street trees, multi-use path, sidewalk, curb ramps, waterline, storm sewer, post construction storm water BMP’s, utility coordination, and right-of-way plan development. The approximate project cost was $4.8 million.

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