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Glenn Road Improvements

Delaware, OH

EMH&T partnered with the City through all phases of project development for the Glenn Road Improvements from preliminary engineering through construction.  Our initial preliminary engineering study focused on Phases 3A and 3B of Glenn Parkway, a planned north-south connector on the east side of Delaware that is needed to link US23, US36, and SR521.  The ultimate roadway section will include a four-lane, divided parkway with 20-foot wide grass medians with curbs (closed storm sewer), street lighting, and an asphalt pedestrian path.  After completing the PE study, EMH&T worked with the City to develop a phased implementation approach that allowed a critical first part of the overall improvement to be constructed on an accelerated schedule within the capital budget.  This first part included an “expandable” two-lane roadway design to accommodate the City’s long-term vision of a four-lane divided section for Glenn Parkway while building only what was needed in the near term. In 2015, the two million dollar first phase of this project was advanced to construction including realignment of Glenn Road with an improved signalized intersection at US-36/SR-37. 

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