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Bridge Street District Roadways

Dublin, OH

EMH&T was hired for the planning, design analysis and other engineering studies related to redevelopment within the Bridge Street Corridor District in Dublin, Ohio. The project corridor is significant to the City in part due to its historical character and the location adjacent to future parks also being planned along the Scioto River. EMH&T has completed utility, floodplain and alignment studies associated with over 15,000 feet of roadway improvements. Below is a brief summary of the various aspects of the project completed by EMH&T:
• Comprehensive field survey and base mapping of the overall project area.
• A stormwater master plan to guide the use of sustainable best management practices as part of the long-term development plans.
• Master planning of public utilities and roadways to serve the larger project area, including a consideration of shared-use paths to connect the Bridge Street corridor to other areas of the City.
• A floodplain restudy of several miles of the Scioto River to accommodate future development and analyze proposed bridges.
• Preliminary and final engineering for multi-use development sites along both sides of the river.
• Planning and preliminary engineering for the river-side park along both sides of the Scioto River,
including developing a comprehensive regulatory and permitting evaluation of the project corridor.
• Coordination to bury over one mile of private utilities.
• Street lighting and traffic signal planning and design; shared-use path planning and design.

The planning effort created an urban design framework and refined vision for the project corridor in order to create a vibrant and walkable environment for future residents and businesses. The final design of the project has included amenities such as permeable pavement in roadways, brick sidewalks, granite curbs and decorative light standards. Through these collaborative efforts with the project stakeholders, the following projects are becoming a reality:
• John Shields Parkway Phase I (Design, Construction)
• Dale/Tuller Connector (Design, Construction)
• Riverside Drive Realignment (Design, Construction)
• John Shields Parkway Phase II (Design, Construction)
• North Riverview Street Extension (Design)
• High Street Improvements (Design)
• Western Roads Alignment Study (Preliminary)

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