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Heartland Petroleum Spill Containment System SPCC Compliance & Facility Mapping, Heartland Group Holdings, LLC

Columbus, OH

EMH&T performed the facility mapping, drainage, and track plan improvements for Spill Containment, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) compliance for an existing facility on the east side of Columbus that was not operating in accordance with Ohio EPA standards. The study provided various recommended improvements to the grading and drainage to bring the site into compliance with EPA SPCC requirements. The project scope of services included design for adding perimeter berms, regrading stone pavement and grass areas, and installing storm sewers as necessary to direct runoff to the interior of the site. A track pan spill collection system was favored to collect small spills and drips from railcar loading/unloading operations. Additionally, an oil/water separator was installed within the existing stormwater outfall. EMH&T managed the extensive communication and coordination required with the City of Columbus and Ohio EPA.

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