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CSX Served West Virginia Industrial Facility Rail Yard

West Virginia

EMH&T conducted preliminary and final engineering for a new rail yard at a large chemical manufacturing facility in West Virginia. Blue Racer Midstream’s Natrium natural gas liquids (NGL) fractionation facility required the acquisition of an existing rail yard to load and ship NGL products processed from wells located in the Marcellus Shale formation. Our team was called upon to plan a replacement rail yard for the newly acquired one. The proposed site and existing facility are situated approximately eight feet higher in elevation than the adjacent CSXT mainline and siding, which significantly complicated rail connections due to design limitations of track grade and vertical curvature. To improve switching operations, a new connecting track was designed to climb upward from the existing CSXT siding to a new lead track, connecting the existing facility with the proposed rail yard. In addition, the lead track connects to another on-site industry as well as the adjacent NGL fraction facility so that a single contract switcher can switch all industries. Substantial planning was completed for the project, including geotechnical engineering, grading and drainage, track design, and utility relocations. Our team also assisted in obtaining additional underground and aerial crossing permits as part of the new rail yard.

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