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Columbus Yard Intermodal Terminal, CSX Intermodal Terminals

Columbus, OH

CSX purchased two properties adjacent to their Columbus facility allowing them to expand beyond its current footprint. This project not only added two chassis storage lots on the acquired land and revised the truck gates for automation, but also converted terminal operations from reach stackers to new electric wide-span cranes, all while the terminal remained operational. The construction included four new process tracks located beneath the new wide-span cranes, each with approximately 2,200 feet of clear length, and a new 2,800 foot lead track. In addition to the tracks beneath the wide-span crane, space was planned for container stacking, chassis loading, and chassis storage. As a part of this project, EMH&T also designed a new storm sewer system for the site including stormwater management areas, water services for domestic and fire water, and a new sanitary service. When a wetland area was discovered during preliminary design, our team worked with the City of Columbus and the Army Corps on permitting and mitigation measures for the disturbed wetland, while phased plans were created to allow for permitting and construction to continue outside of the wetland.

Columbus Yard Intermodal Terminal, CSX Intermodal Terminals - Columbus, Charlotte

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