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Charlotte Yard Intermodal Terminal, CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc.

Charlotte, NC

When CSX Intermodal Terminals (CSXIT) decided to expand its bustling Charlotte Yard terminal, they chose EMH&T to provide rail and site civil design. In an effort to minimize disruptions to this facility during construction, EMH&T’s rail designers and civil engineers prepared a phased design so terminal operations could continue throughout the construction. EMH&T’s design called for the 4,000 foot long extension of a lead track to the east of the intermodal facility that can be used to switch the internal terminal without interfering with mainline and other yard operations including CSX Transportations Pinoca Yard. The west end of the terminal consisted of three stub ended process tracks in which EMH&T designed a new ladder and 2,000 foot long lead track to allow switching without impacting the mainline tracks. EMH&T also performed a traffic impact study for the project resulting in one of the road crossings being permanently closed and the other three receiving upgrades, including roadway widening, new grade crossing signals and traffic signals with preemption. EMH&T also was awarded the construction manager contract for the track, terminal and road improvements including coordination with North Carolina Department of Transportation for funding and site inspections throughout the project.

Charlotte Yard Intermodal Terminal, CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc., Charlotte, NC – Columbus, Charlotte

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