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Nye Trust Boundary Retracement Survey

Waverly, OH

In the early 1940’s, soon to be Lieutenant Governor George Nye purchased several thousand acres of land in the Waverly area. Mr. Nye had plans to develop the area as a lake resort and persuaded the current governor to build a dam, creating Lake White. The land was developed in an unusual manner, which left fragmented parcels surrounding the lake and this remaining land was tied up in a trust for 40 years after Mr. Nye’s passing. EMH&T’s task was to perform detailed deed research to verify the parcels in the name of the trust, complete field investigations to search and measure existing boundary monumentation, and provide a map containing descriptions for transfer. Nearly 670 boundary markers were located within 16 miles. Field work was performed over steep terrain during the middle of winter, resulting in 28 metes and bounds descriptions totaling 471 acres. Additionally, the following services were provided: GPS, digital Files in AutoCAD/Autodesk Land Development Desktop, boundary marking and posting, and collaboration with State and governmental agencies.

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