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Naval Yard Design, Deconstruction, Restoration & Retention Basin

Mechanicsburg, PA

EMH&T provided survey, permitting, design, and development of construction plans for the capture and treatment of stormwater runoff from surrounding buildings to a bioretention basin at the Naval Support Facility in Mechanicsburg PA. As part of a facility master plan, the U.S. Navy demolished an existing building and the vacated site was turned into a bioretention facility. The pond is filled with 12,000 cubic yards of biomedia which act as a natural filtration. This facility captures and treats stormwater from surrounding areas (approx. 20.4 acres) as well as adjacent building rooftops to reduce nitrogen loading before stormwater is discharged through existing storm sewer lines. More than 250 trees and shrubs were planted for filtration and beautification and all vegetation was native to Pennsylvania. The finished bioretention area also includes aesthetic features such as boardwalks, berms, and other features that allow it to function as a natural amenity (nature walk) on the naval support facility.

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