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Kroger Store J977

Zionsville, IN

EMH&T has provided civil/site design for Kroger stores throughout the Midwest. Our years of Kroger experience means our client gains the benefit of professionals that know how their facilities go together, how they work, and how they are operated. It is because of this knowledge that a strong partnership has been forged between EMH&T and Kroger. EMH&T provided ALTA/NSPS survey services for a proposed Kroger store within a new mixed-use development that also included additional retail space and medical office space. The Survey for this 57.5 acre proposed development offered many challenges including the lack of utilities near the site requiring offsite surveys to be completed in order to plan for utility relocations. Also presenting challenges, the site was bordered on the west by a Federal Highway, on the north by a County Road with plans for widening and on the south by a barn on the Historic Registry.

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