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Epcon Communities – Courtyards at Wesley Chapel

Waxhaw, NC

EMH&T has been associated with Epcon Communities for 18 years. This history has allowed our team of engineers and planners to design an Epcon site efficiently and economically. We incorporate our past experience and knowledge to assure the success of each project. Partnering on site evaluation and providing a thorough job in the development phase helps bring continuity to every project. EMH&T performed a detailed topographic survey for this 51-acre site, including manholes, catch basins, edge of woods, culverts, signs, creeks, ditch bottoms, top of ditch banks, mailboxes, fences, guard rails, driveways, sidewalks, top of curb, edge pf pavement, corners of buildings, etc. EMH&T also performed a tree survey within the project’s limits to meet the strict development requirements of the Town.

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