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CLE-125.040 Right-of-Way Plans (ODOT District 8)

Clermont County, OH

EMH&T surveying staff provided base mapping and route surveying for approximately one mile of this five lane highway. EMH&T was required to retrace the right-of-way for State Route 125, and provide a detailed topographic map of the route. Field personnel established a vertical and horizontal control network utilizing static GPS procedures. From this control network EMH&T was able to obtain measurements of existing boundary markers, as well as planimetric features. The safety of our field personnel as well as the need to eliminate lane closures was a big concern on the project. The solution we offered was the use of terrestrial LIDAR, which was performed during the evening hours to reduce the obstruction of traffic, and obtain existing ground information for the pavement areas. Data for those areas outside the influence of traffic was collected using conventional methods with robotic equipment. The base map was finalized and delivered to our design engineers to prepare Stage One plans for ODOT.

CLE-125.040 Right-of-Way Plans (ODOT District 8)

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