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ABX/DHL Boundary Retracement Survey

Wilmington, OH

This project is unique in that it was a United States Air Force Base during the mid-1900’s and over time had been transferred to private entities. EMH&T was tasked to prepare an ALTA survey on the 2,200 acre site. This required a great amount of research to pull existing surveys and deeds in an effort to retrace the boundary. Special detail went into the planning and execution of the search and measurement of existing boundary monumentation. EMH&T located all boundary monumentation by providing the field crew with search coordinates and location using VRS procedures and measuring corners with conventional survey equipment. The VRS measurement would allow EMH&T to identify any errors in the initial measurements. Upon processing the data, EMH&T utilized several techniques to resolve the boundary. The boundary retracement was found to match well with the description of record. EMH&T provided the following services: boundary survey, deed research and mapping, GPS, digital files in AutoCAD/Autodesk land development desktop, boundary marking and posting and collaboration with State and governmental agencies.

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