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Third Street Reconstruction

New Albany, OH

As the New Albany community reviewed options to upgrade and provide life back into a downtown historic district, EMH&T evaluated numerous opportunities to incorporate sustainable practices. Third Street, a dilapidated street with little development but relatively high cut-through traffic volume, presented an ideal opportunity for unique green application. EMH&T designed a permeable clay paver system for the street and sidewalk sections of the 600-foot long street as a solution to meet EPA water quality requirements and provide water quality credits for redevelopment of the area. As compared to a conventional asphalt street replacement, the clay paver street was less in the initial costs due to the elimination of storm sewer and mechanical water quality devices. Long-term maintenance and life cycle costs are less and expectation of the roadway is triple the span of conventional flexible asphalt pavement. Third Street is anticipated to enhance the value of the surrounding properties and provide a traffic calming effect.

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