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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans & Sediment and Erosion Control Observations

Various Projects

EMH&T’s water quality specialists develop site and project-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) to meet regulatory requirements and control erosion and sediment discharge from the construction site. Our team develops and supports the implementation of erosion and sediment control plans to comply with local and state-wide stormwater regulations and assist construction site operators with obtaining NPDES permit coverage for the proposed stormwater discharges. During construction, EMH&T conducts on-site erosion control observations and works directly with contractors to achieve compliance with the designed water quality measures. In performing this work, our staff coordinates directly with regulatory staff at the Ohio EPA and MS4 communities to address compliance issues and we are often hired directly by construction contractors to help them comply with the overall SWPPP requirements of a project. We are properly credentialed to complete ODOT-compliant erosion and sediment control plans and have worked on numerous transportation projects to fulfill the SWPPP requirements.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans & Sediment and Erosion Control Observations – Columbus, Charlotte

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