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Stormwater Design Manuals & Stream Corridor Protection Zones

Various Communities

In conjunction with our various NPDES compliance services, EMH&T has assisted local communities in developing engineering standards related to the analysis and design of stormwater management features. We have developed Stormwater Design Manuals and the ordinances to implement those manuals for seven central Ohio communities. For other communities, we have reviewed their existing design criteria and related ordinances to ensure compliance with current requirements for post-construction water quality, and the operation and maintenance of stormwater management features. In doing so, we have relied upon our knowledge of municipal stormwater program requirements and our extensive experience with site development practices. 

As a component of several of these design manuals, we have created Stream Corridor Protection Zone (SCPZ) mapping and the related criteria to allow the local community to provide effective watercourse protection in conjunction with both public infrastructure and private development projects. While not a mandate of the NPDES program, many communities are choosing to implement SCPZs as both a water quality measure and to protect and improve native habitat. The SCPZ maps are integrated into the community’s GIS and provide an effective planning tool. 

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