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City of Dayton Storm System Master Plan, Phase 2

Dayton, OH

EMH&T provided services to Dayton’s Department of Water for their storm sewer master plan development, which represents a powerful and versatile planning document for the City. EMH&T began work on this three-year project in 2010, and worked to accomplish an update to the storm system inventory within the city's GIS to include updated information on the principal collection structures (manholes and catch basins) and conduits (pipes) in the storm sewer system as well as develop and equip a storm sewer system capacity model to serve as a powerful and versatile analytical tool for use in the future. EMH&T also developed a storm sewer (system) master plan, to include an inventory of significant storm system deficiencies and a list of storm system capital improvement projects, summarized and ranked to address these deficiencies. This CIP planning effort included engineering analysis to define future storm system capital projects, including their benefit and probable cost.

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