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NPDES Phase 2 Program Compliance

Various Communities

EMH&T has worked with nearly 20 different communities since 2003 to enact various aspects of their Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) programs. In this capacity, we work directly with community officials to develop their Storm Water Management Plans (SWMP) for submission to and approval by the Ohio EPA, to develop programs based on the six required Minimum Control Measures (MCM), and to document compliance though compilation and submission of their annual reports. Some of the specific services we have provided to our NPDES clients are listed below:
• Development of Stormwater Design Manuals
• Onsite Review of Municipal Facilities, SWPPP Preparation and Employee Training
• Review of and Revisions to Adopted Stormwater Management Regulations
• Completion of Annual Reports and Submittal to the Ohio EPA
• Stormwater Outfall Dry Weather Screenings
• Stream Assessments and CIP Planning
• MS4 GIS Based Mapping
• Erosion and Sediment Control Monthly Observation Services
• Preparation of Illicit Discharge and Illumination (IDDE) Plans
• Ohio EPA Stormwater Program Audit Assistance
• Preparation of Educational Articles and Brochures

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