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EMH&T has a staff of three Certified Floodplain Managers and other supporting technical staff who provide comprehensive floodplain management services to our private and public sector clientele. These services include review and updating of adopted floodplain development regulations, review of proposed projects for compliance with these regulations and preparation of Map Change requests to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). EMH&T has been involved with over 300 individual Map Change requests to FEMA, including Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA), Letters of Map Revision (LOMR), LOMRs based on fill (LOMR-F) and Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMR). We provide all of the floodplain modeling and mapping, and preparation of other supporting documentation necessary to gain both local and FEMA approval for projects which encroach within the regulatory floodplain and floodway, and to gain exclusion from the floodplain.

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