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Linden Ditch Area-Wide
Stormwater Improvements (CIP 704)

Columbus, OH

EMH&T collected data and historical information to identify the cause of the stormwater-related problems within the Linden area neighborhoods along Hudson Street and tributary to Linden Ditch. EMH&T performed a detailed hydrologic and hydraulic study of the existing stormwater collection systems and developed alternative solutions to address recurring stormwater flooding problems within these neighborhoods. The engineering and design process included extensive field survey and engineering reconnaissance data collection which was formulated into a comprehensive plan to improve urban infrastructure within an older portion of the City. The infrastructure improvements included a new storm sewer system, and the replacement of existing waterlines, streets, curbs and sidewalks. The study also identified the need for a regional stormwater detention basin to protect the downstream watershed from the storm system improvements within the project area. EMH&T designed a dry stormwater detention basin with integrated stream channel restoration to improve watershed ecology in addition to addressing flooding concerns. The entire project included a preliminary and final engineering report, environmental investigations and permitting, and final engineering plans and engineering consultation during construction, as well as post-construction monitoring of the channel restoration portion of the project.

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