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Green Infrastructure Planning and Design

Evansville, IN

EMH&T is currently working for the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) to perform a comprehensive study and develop programmatic recommendations for green infrastructure options to resolve combined sewer overflow issues under the City of Evansville’s Consent Decree with the US EPA and the Department of Justice. EMH&T is supporting EWSU in the development of an Integrated Overflow Control Plan (IOCP), which is an overall capital improvements plan that will integrate the Utility's combined sewer overflow (CSO) long-term control plan (LTCP) with a prioritized set of projects focused on identifying and addressing recurring, capacity-related sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). The IOCP will include a mix of control technologies that are most appropriate for the Utility's drainage areas and development patterns and may include a mix of conventional storage, conveyance and treatment facilities as well as hydrologic source controls in the form of modern green infrastructure projects installed throughout the Utility's service area. EMH&T is supporting the green infrastructure mission by investigating green solutions as a robust part of the IOCP development. EMH&T is focusing on specific portions of the City’ combined sewer area to establish the parameters for green infrastructure projects to manage stormwater runoff prior to entering the combined sewer systems pursuant to reducing CSO discharges to the Ohio River. We are also providing support in developing costs and valuations of monetary and non-monetary benefits to the Utility associated with green infrastructure.

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