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Easton Gateway

Columbus, OH

EMH&T has provided comprehensive professional engineering services to the developers of Easton since its inception in the 1990’s, and we provided these same services on the newest addition to this massive residential, commercial and retail complex - Easton Gateway. This high-profile addition to Easton is comprised of ultra-high density upscale retail shops and restaurants, and posed significant challenges in terms of meeting local and state-wide stormwater management criteria. In response to these challenges, we developed a green infrastructure solution to address both water quantity and quality requirements which included permeable pavement (brick pavers) with detention storage volume embedded into the sub-base. The permeable pavement encompasses a portion of the parking areas required for the retail complex. The design process for this project included a cost-benefit analysis, which considered that the green infrastructure approach would eliminate the need for an engineered storm sewer system and also facilitates snow melt and de-icing without the repetitive application of costly chemicals and other treatments. The design and construction of the green infrastructure incorporated unique features to allow the site owner and the City the opportunity to monitor the future performance of the stormwater best management practice, consistent with adopted MS4 program requirements. The entire stormwater management facility is now an integrated component of the overall site development improvements and, in fact, serves as a site amenity consistent with the design standards established for the retail complex.

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