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District 2 Storm System Evaluation

Stow, OH

EMH&T completed an engineering investigation to determine the capacity of the existing stormwater infrastructure for a 225-acre residential neighborhood in the City of Stow, OH. The goal of this project was to identify existing deficiencies within the conveyance system and to provide recommendations for capital improvements. Our scope of work included coordination with City personnel familiar with past instances of stormwater flooding within the study area, which aided in charactering the extent and frequency of the flooding conditions. We oversaw the completion of field survey for the existing storm sewer system which enabled the City to update the storm system mapping for the project area. We also performed a separate engineering field investigation to inventory downspout connectivity within the project area. EMH&T performed detailed hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for the project area, and utilized the modeling to analyze alternative storm system improvements to mitigate the recurring flooding problems. The analysis considered improvements to increase system capacity, in-line stormwater detention, and infiltration of stormwater runoff via green infrastructure practices.

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