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Cherry Gardens Senior Apartments

Charlotte, NC

EMH&T’s water resources experts transformed an immensely challenging situation into a celebrated success at Cherry Gardens Senior Apartments and, in the process, pioneered a new stormwater control practice in Charlotte, NC. EMH&T was brought on board to provide final engineering, construction administration and surveying services. Site layout had already been completed and included a large building on the high-density urban site. The challenge: provide detention and water quality control without adversely impacting the development plan. Because the site had limited space for surface stormwater management features, it was necessary to consider placing these features underground. At the time, underground water quality was prohibited under Charlotte’s strict stormwater regulations.

EMH&T evaluated various stormwater solutions and identified a plan to maintain the existing development layout. Through extensive coordination with the City, EMH&T received approval to employ an underground storm chamber system, a proprietary solution which had been previously prohibited in Charlotte. The City’s approval required providing extensive documentation of the proprietary system’s effectiveness and reliability, which included compiling information from other built projects. The Cherry Garden’s stormwater management plan was the first of its type to be approved by the City and it allowed the City to approve the proposed site development without significant changes. Other benefits of the selected stormwater management plan include: improved pedestrian connectivity and cost savings attributed to not having to construct wall systems and other features which would have been necessary to accommodate a conventional stormwater management design.  EMH&T’s sustainable site design services allowed the owner to pursue LEED for Homes certification.

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