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Blueprint Columbus (Weisheimer/Indian Springs)

Columbus, OH

EMH&T has been working for the City of Columbus, along with other selected consultants, to implement a pilot project for the application of an Integrated Solutions approach to the City’s Wet Weather Management Plan (WWMP). The main objective of this approach is the use of green infrastructure to replace conventional gray infrastructure improvements for the abatement of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO). EMH&T has been involved in numerous key components of the City’s overall Blueprint Columbus initiative. As a component of these various projects, EMH&T’s engineering and planning staff has contributed significantly to the formulation of standards and policies now being used by the City to implement Blueprint Columbus projects. Our involvement in this process includes taking a leadership role in the City’s Pilot Area Technical Committee to develop a target Level of Service (LOS) policy for green infrastructure, as well as assisting in the development of modeling guidelines specific to the use of PCSWMM to simulate green infrastructure. We have also assisted in the development of green infrastructure design standards and details, and have set the standard for the use of permeable pavement on Blueprint projects. Through this process, EMH&T has demonstrated a commitment to the City toward meeting their goals for SSO reduction through an Integrated Solutions program.

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