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The Ohio State University Transportation Plan Implementation

Columbus, Ohio

The relocation of parking lots associated with the Cannon Drive project on The Ohio State University campus was a significant undertaking with a list of design and engineering challenges for the project that brought major transportation changes to the OSU Medical Campus area. The shift of Cannon Drive to the west eliminated more than 2,000 parking spaces in existing parking lots used mainly for OSU Wexner Medical Center employees. In order to accommodate parking for these employees, additional parking lots and transportation services were required.

EMH&T provided professional civil engineering and surveying for this project that provided the transportation and parking improvements necessary to mitigate the parking modifications created by the Cannon Drive relocation. EMH&T’s scope of services incorporated modifications and improvements to existing public and University roadways and parking lots on OSU’s West Campus, as well as some more modest changes to the main campus. The project was expedited at light speed with design starting in February 2017 and complete by May 2017. Construction started in May 2017 with substantial completion by the end of August 2017 to meet the University’s academic and parking needs.

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