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Project One

Plainfield, IN

Project One was a significant addition to the Plainfield Business Park at 450,000 sf. The project was complex in that it was designed to be utilized either by a single large user or by up to four smaller ones. To accommodate the possibility of multiple users, two full-sized loading docks were incorporated into the building - one on each end, as well as four separate parking areas - one in each corner. While this flexible design ensured ease of use for the building’s occupants, it served to complicate the design of the site. EMH&T’s full-service capabilities allowed our client to utilize one multifaceted firm to cover all of their site planning and development needs.

Further adding to the project’s complexity, was a stream that required rechanneling to maximize the amount of developable land on site. EMH&T re-routed the stream around the new structure, thus increasing the site’s developable land. Our professionals continued to monitor the creek for three years after the project’s completion to ensure that it has been fully established in its new location.

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