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Ohio University Walter Fieldhouse

Athens, OH

EMH&T provided complete site/civil engineering services for this new, multi-purpose athletic facility. The Walter Fieldhouse is a large open space suited to accommodate a variety of sports, physical education, and recreational activities. The building is sized to contain a 100 yard football field and is utilized for a variety of activities. The facility is limited to a maximum of 320 occupants and is not intended to accommodate spectators. The project also includes the relocation of an outdoor turf type football practice field, as well as an additional area of up to 5,000 sf for office, custodial and storage space. The facility is located immediately east of the University’s football stadium, in the area currently occupied by the natural turf practice fields. The building employs a method of flood protection known as “wet-flood proofing”, wherein flood waters are allowed to flow through the structure by way of a series of special flood vents. Due to the very large size of the proposed building, the building code required a 60’ wide open space on all sides of the structure. Also, some of the existing mature trees on the site were removed to accommodate the structure.

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