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Oberlin Fire Station Expansion and Renovation

Oberlin, Ohio

This project consisted of an addition and renovation to an existing award-winning fire station. EMH&T provided site grading, stormwater detention and additional utility design for this 15,000 sq. ft., $3.2 million project. The site civil design included sustainable design elements including pervious concrete pavement, bioretention basins and vegetated swales. The pervious concrete pavement was laid with a stone base for detention and water quality treatment. Another unique feature of the sustainable site design is the recycling and utilization of rainwater for irrigation purposes. This site posed several design challenges for EMH&T; the rear of the site discharges into a sensitive stream behind the property. Also, there was very little topography change across the site which complicated site grading. However, EMH&T worked with the design project team to resolve these challenges and provide a functioning, sustainably designed site. Currently, this project is tracking for a LEED Gold certification.

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