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Northmor K-12 School

Morrow County, OH

The consolidation of three schools—one high school and two elementary schools—into a single $32.4 million facility meant incorporating every aspect of school design into a solitary building. The new Northmor K-12 school project required EMH&T’s clear understanding of each individual school’s operations in order to meet the needs of every member of the Northmor student population, ages 5-18. These design details included a single set of busses running on fixed schedules to serve two separate timetables; understanding the varying extra-curricular needs of the student population, ranging from the kindergarten’s small play areas to the high school’s large football and band practice facilities; and also differing modes of transportation ranging from protective parents of first-time school children to newly-licensed student drivers. These issues created a greater challenge due to the school’s rural location, which required that every student travel by some mode of transportation—no one on-foot.

The 36-acre project site required a complex design, including significant grading to make way for safe, accessible sports fields and outdoor playing facilities. It provided for two separate, unique areas to separate the grade school students from the high school students for play, parking and drop off. It also provided well-defined internal circulation to keep bus-flow traffic in one direction while limiting the high school drivers to a small, secure area. This project meets the Ohio School Facility Commissions (OSFC) sustainable guidelines as a LEED Silver Certification. EMH&T spearheaded the sustainable site initiatives with a number of best management practices, such as: on-site stream protection, design for 3 bioretention basins that provided cost-effective, minimal-maintenance landscaping, and design of a large pond for water quality treatment and fire protection. These efforts saved the client(s) approximately $100,000 in project costs.

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