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Nature Conservancy Headquarters

Indianapolis, IN

The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit group dedicated to protecting significant ecological sites worldwide, wanted their new $5.7 million Indianapolis headquarters to lead by example in representing all things green. EMH&T’s innovative stormwater management process eliminated reliance on a standard storm sewer, therefore eliminating the need for offsite storm sewer extensions. Our resourcefulness saved an estimated $50,000 in construction costs and ensures that no site runoff will enter the City’s combination sewer system. In addition to the innovative stormwater management design, EMH&T reinforced LID by employing pervious pavement systems to drain and purify rainfall runoff and by implementing water-harvesting designs that retain water from irrigation and toilet flushing. The site was designed to catch 100% of stormwater runoff, resulting in natural and environmentally-friendly purification and treatment of the onsite water, while eliminating harmful pollutants from entering nearby waterways.

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