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Nationwide Data Center

Columbus, OH

Backed by our experience in data center design and our work over the last 30 years with the City of New Albany, Ohio, EMH&T was chosen by a national engineering firm, H.F. Lenz, to provide extensive site design for the 45 +/- acre site. The Nationwide Data Center is currently under construction within the New Albany Research and Information District, with completion scheduled for summer of 2013. This Tier IV data center will encompass half of the site and consist of approximately 112,000 sf with a future build-out program for the balance of the parcel that will potentially double the size of the complex. EMH&T overcame the challenges of site grading to accommodate an exceptionally large building footprint spanning 2.5 acres that required a consistent finished floor elevations for effective operations. EMH&T’s engineers achieved a delicate earthwork balance by preparing extremely detailed grading plans that also fulfilled vital security standards. Well-versed in the design of mission critical facilities, we were able to meet the client’s goals for security, access, circulation and site related issues...all of this while incorporating the standards for LEED Gold certification. 

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