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Nationwide Children’s Hospital Faculty Office Building

Columbus, OH

Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s redevelopment of its campus and the urban fabric surrounding it is an ongoing effort, and EMH&T continues to provide more than 12 years of professional services to the hospital on multiple projects. The Faculty Office Building is a 165,000 sq. ft., 6-story facility situated on an extremely tight, urban corner across the main campus. To free-up space on the main campus for high-cost, high-necessity clinical space, the hospital is moving its physicians and other staff to this new facility. In addition to offices, the building will contain a street level retail component, including restaurant space dedicated to healthy food options. Another challenging and vital component of the project is the design of a pedestrian tunnel under a main thoroughfare connecting the Faculty Office Building to the main hospital building. The tunnel runs from a lower level lobby in the new building to the lower level of the new underground parking structure on the main campus.

EMH&T is providing a complete infrastructure and utility evaluation of the site as part of our scope of services. The building site is very tight at just 25,000 square feet and includes constraint challenges such as an adjacent parking garage and an existing drive that must be retained to provide service access to the street level retail. EMH&T will place a “square peg into a round hole” in the engineering of the building’s pedestrian tunnel, which consists of a 16-foot diameter, round steel liner tube into which 3-foot-long pre-cast sections of square tunnel will be placed. The interstitial space between the steel liner tube and pre-cast tunnel sections will be used to run conduit for electric, phone, data, and other necessary “dry utility” lines.

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