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MetroHealth System Campus Transformation

Cleveland, OH

The MetroHealth System’s vision to create an environment that supports their mission of healthier citizens in a healthier community will impact every part of its 24-acre, downtown, urban campus. EMH&T was selected as the Executive Civil Engineer based on our healthcare facility knowledge and experience with similar transformation projects. To date, EMH&T has evaluated the exterior utilities on MetroHealth’s main campus and the surrounding public utilities to assess their ability to support the comprehensive transformation. EMH&T used the results of this evaluation to help develop a master plan and prioritize off-site enabling projects that will be implemented to support the eight phase construction plan. The Transformation Master Plan, estimated at a cost of between $900 million and $1.2 billion, touches all corners of the existing campus as well as expands into the neighboring urban community.

EMH&T is assisting the Executive Architect and MEP Engineer on phasing of the implementation plan that will allow MetroHealth to replace almost every building on campus over the next six years with little or no disruption to patient care. In order to protect the campus and reduce the loading on an antiquated public combined sewer system, EMH&T is master planning sewer separation projects with significant sustainable site features. Improved stormwater quality will be achieved through the use of Green Infrastructure (GI) elements including rain gardens and bioretention areas, which will double as healing gardens and active pedestrian spaces.

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