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Indiana University Recreational Sports Center Plaza

Bloomington, IN

Indiana University in Bloomington was experiencing flooding of the Student Recreation Center (SRC) due to settling and leakage of an exterior plaza area that also served as the roof for part of their facility. The area was underutilized, lacked greenspace, as well as having areas that had significant trip hazards that prevent ADA access to their heavily utilized secondary access. EMH&T provided a range of professional services to determine the source of the water infiltration and to redesign the plaza to provide a solution to include facility assessment, survey, site civil, landscape architecture, structural design, bidding services, and construction administration. The design reimagines the space with 50% of the old hardscape being replaced with green areas for outdoor yoga sessions, study areas, and general meeting area. Working with the director of the SRC and project manager from IU’s facility department, a design was achieved to solve the many faceted problem within their constrained budget.

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