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Columbus Scioto 6-12 School

Columbus, OH

EMH&T provided a host of services for the new Columbus Scioto 6-12 School, a new facility consolidating two existing schools housing grades 6-12, specializing in education for emotionally disturbed students. Located on approximately 10 acres, the 72,500 sf building and related site improvements are certified LEED-Gold. To achieve this goal, the site is a “zero discharge site” - one of the first of its kind within the City of Columbus. Having this distinction means that no stormwater physically leaves the premises through a pipe. Instead, EMH&T engineers designed a natural infiltration system allowing stormwater to filter through sand and gravel before discharging into the Scioto River. Since this design method is cutting edge, our engineers provided a great deal of information and worked closely with the City of Columbus and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to develop a design that meets or exceeds all city and state standards.

The project site is archaeologically sensitive. EMH&T’s archaeologists scoured the site and recovered a number of remnants from what we believe was once a village dating back as far as 400-600 AD. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Franklin County. Based on the recommendations of our archaeologists and the fact that a school previously sat on the site, only 6.5 acres of the site were disturbed for the new school. The remaining balance of the land was preserved.

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