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Columbus Africentric K-12 School

Columbus, OH

EMH&T provided the site design for a new 1,000-student, early college K-12 public school in Columbus, Ohio. The new school, which incorporates an African heritage focus in its curriculum, is located on a 52-acre urban site and replaces the current school that serves approximately 850 students. In addition to the new school building, construction includes a 2,000-plus-seat competition field house (the school district’s largest indoor sports venue), a new football-stadium complex with 400-meter running track, a community park, additional sports competition fields with parking, student parking, faculty and guest parking, practice fields, and community gardens. The 139,500 S.F. school building is a two-story structure that encompasses 22 elementary-school classrooms, 10 middle-school classrooms, and 12 high-school classrooms as well as a gymnasium and cafeteria. Playground areas for elementary and middle school students are located so they provide adequate separation without creating isolation for either group of students. The spatial relationship of the new school building to parking areas and athletic fields presents a complex design challenge. EMH&T’s site design solution incorporates additional maneuvering space to accommodate car and bus traffic while also incorporating safety features at all pedestrian/school crossings. To support increased traffic from attendance at sporting events, supplementary parking areas adjoining the athletic fields are incorporated into the site design.

Columbus Africentric K-12 School – Columbus, Charlotte

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