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Central State University Campus - Wide Master Plan

Wilberforce, OH

The Central State University Campus Wide Master Plan project was developed to allow the University to grow from its current student population of approximately 3,000 to a future population of nearly 6,000. The project involved the inventory of all existing infrastructure, buildings and campus programs, the development of multiple concept master plans, and the selection of a final master plan for the university. The final 250-acre campus master plan includes guidelines for sustainable design and development, land and building use plans, potential campus expansion, vehicle and pedestrian circulation plans, utility infrastructure plans, future facility development program, campus safety and security, project phasing and construction cost estimating, and potential funding opportunities. EMH&T served as the project’s civil engineer and traffic consultant. EMH&T’s role was to provide master planning information and concepts for the campus’s stormwater management, water and sewer infrastructure, pedestrian and vehicular circulation and parking improvements and campus sustainable site design.

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