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Belmont College Health Sciences Center

St. Clairsville, OH

EMH&T provided professional site/civil engineering services for this 32,000 sf, $9.1 million new Health Sciences Center. The Center will be located on approximately 53 acres of reclaimed land that had previously been strip mined just north of the College’s main campus. The design of this new building and its site will set the tone for this extension of the Belmont College campus. The building is programmed to include Nursing, Medical Assisting and Emergency Medical programs, General Biology, Micro-Biology, Human Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and Physics as well as additional General Classroom space.

EMH&T is key to this project because of a concurrent project with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). In addition to EMH&T’s expertise with site civil engineering/design, our transportation engineers designed improvements to I-70, exit ramp 213 relocation, and other roadways in the general area of Belmont College. This included a new roadway across the south side of the new Belmont project site. Providing this connection between Belmont College and ODOT facilitated a smoother project execution. EMH&T’s scope included roadways within the new campus property, accessible parking, pedestrian walkways, site lighting, and landscaping as well as the coordination and design of utilities to the new building.

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