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250 High

Columbus, OH

The pairing of developers Daimler Group and Kaufman Development means the exciting addition to the Columbus skyline: 250 High. The name, indicative of the new building’s location, is a first floor retail destination topped by four floors of office space and seven more floors of luxury apartments. Resulting in 120 units, the $50 million, 12-story building  also features a rooftop fitness center and yoga studio. EMH&T was brought in by both developers at the inception of the project because of the firm’s extensive urban design experience. EMH&T is known for site engineering expertise in the face of aging and complex urban utilities, tight rights of way, zero-lot-lines, and maintenance of traffic and services to the densely populated surroundings.

EMH&T had prepared preliminary engineering studies of the site for another developer that did not move forward with the project. The result was a great deal of base knowledge about the site’s utilities service, capacity limitations, and stormwater management requirements. EMH&T prepared a course of action for stormwater management based on meeting LEED and City of Columbus requirements. EMH&T’s professional engineers are experts on sustainable design and successfully designing urban sites with zero-discharge to combined systems to alleviate capacity issues and reduce CSOs. EMH&T also prepared the public streetscape plans with NBBJ completing the landscape design. EMH&T facilitated the project, which was delivered as a 3P between The City of Columbus and Daimler.

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